Conventional loans are loans which are not insured by the federal government. Unlike a government-insured loan, you can use a conventional loan for a second home or investment property. A conventional loan can also cover higher loan amounts than government-insured loans, and save you money on mortgage insurance.


FHA loans, which are insured through the Federal Housing Administration, offer many benefits to borrowers even if you have had credit problems in the past or have limited funds available for a down payment or closing costs.


If you’re a current or former member of the U.S. armed forces and looking to buy or refinance a home, we can help you get a loan with no down payment, no mortgage insurance, and lower interest rates than a conventional loan. You’ve served our country. Let us serve you.


Federally backed USDA loans offer many benefits not available in other loan programs, geared toward getting you the financing you need to be a homeowner. These loans are for income-qualified borrowers looking to buy homes in U.S. Department of Agriculture-approved rural areas — a designation that’s not nearly as restrictive as you might think.


If you have your eye on a higher-priced property, a jumbo loan might be the best choice for you. A jumbo loan doesn’t have to meet the limits of the government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and can exceed the maximum price of $417,000 for a first mortgage. They can be used for primary homes, secondary homes, vacation homes and investment properties.


FHA 203K (Standard)

The Standard FHA 203k allows for home buyers and homeowners to renovate their house while financing it into their mortgage. This can be done with a new home purchase as well as a refinance of an existing home. Renovation possibilities with this product include adding new appliances, replacing a septic system, building a new level, and most other home improvement projects imaginable.

FHA 203K (Limited)

The FHA Limited 203k is designed for minor renovations through either new home purchase or refinance. As with a Standard 203k, the Limited 203k rolls the cost of renovation into the mortgage. The difference between the Limited and Standard 203k is that the Limited has a borrowing cap of $35,000, allowing for minor renovations only.

Homestyle Renovation

The Fannie Mae HomeStyle is a renovation loan that can be used on new home purchase as well as refinance. It is like the FHA 203k, but it allows for renovations of luxury items where the FHA 203k does not. Luxury items can include basketball courts, swimming pools, sauna, and more. A HomeStyle can also be used for second homes, unlike a FHA 203k.